iVAD is Uganda’s pioneer production house founded in 2004. It is a hub of multimedia talent and creativity. As Uganda's most awarded independent TV/Film production, iVAD is producing market-leading work in TV commercials, documentaries, NGO/Corperate videos and most recently, feature-length films.

Founded and led by award winning film-maker Caroline Kamya. iVAD is recognized for innovative corporate and independent productions that use the latest technology and know how. The first production company to launch a feature film shot on RED that was released alongside Hollywood films at the local Cineplex in Kampala and premiered at the Berlin Film Festival 2010. iVAD is the only production company that has a non profit training unit attached to nurture future media talent, Uganda Arts and Media Academy. iVAD continues to break records.




iVAD Corporate - we produce documentaries, corporate and drama for a variety of private and non-governmental organizations. These include training videos, advertisements, promotional videos/digital content and educational content.

iVAD Independent - we initiate and produce independent programmes for an international market. We are commissioned by networks abroad to produce unique stories from Africa.

iVAD Training - we nurture new talent through training. A large number of our staff have come through the UAMA training programme of excellence.