IMANI is the most successful Uganda movie so far. Screening at CINEPLEX in Uganda and winning awards all over the world. The most of any Ugandan movie. Check out the website

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After the success of IMANI, IVAD is developing a second fiction feature film, an obs doc series and feature documentary film.
The project, 'In search of African Duende’ documents the journey of a group of young Ugandans from challenging backgrounds who desperately want to learn to dance flamenco as they strive to be the centre of the first local flamenco performance ever in the country. The documentary project is a collaboration between sister act – filmmaker Caroline Kamya and Agnes Kamya, a Ugandan anthropologist and dance scholar who has spent the past few years living, writing and studying flamenco in Seville, the traditional home of flamenco.
Winner of the DOCUBOX Development award. Release planned for 2016/2017. Produced by – IVAD Productions, Uganda Co -produced by – Keren Cogan films, Phanta films and Augenschein Filmproduktion GmbH and is at the financing stage. Email Caroline Kamya to support the project or to get involved.

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