UAMAUganda Arts and Media Academy (UAMA) is a unique charity providing high quality training. Founded by UK Director-Jane Mote creator of BBC LONDON and Director Caroline Kamya formerly of the BBC, Managing Director of iVAD. The programs started in 2006 with a weeks training in video drama production and the second phase of the UAMA program was held early 2008. We are now actively looking for sponsorship to find a home for UAMA with the goal of creating an academy where talented creative young people can go from short courses to potential media degrees in different disciplines.

Here is one of six videos made by UAMA students after a week long documentary course:

Past facilitators include: Caroline Kamya (iVAD, BBC, HBO), Cyril Nri(The Bill, BBC/UK), Jane Mote (BBC), Tina Davies (NORWAY), George Harris (National Geographic/Discovery) among others.

If you want to join the next UAMA course then fill in the online application form and be placed in our database so we can contact you on a later date.

If you want to donate your time or used kit to the UAMA program please contact: Caroline Kamya or Jane Mote.